High Water Vid from a few years back

High Water Vid from a few years back

A quick video from 6 years back, our last high water era, with instructional overtones. While this video is a few years old, it still applies to us today. Meaning today!

Fish the soft inside water, not the outside sexy stuff. Insides my fishy friends.

While we are not seeing the flows that we saw during the previous early summer season high water period 2008-2011, we may see them rise to the 10K-12K-ish if the water comes of the hillsides quickly. Or even higher if the rain gods grace Montana, the Rockies, and surrounding communities.

If the snow comes off slowly we may see the flows in the 6K-8K range for the month of June. This according to Stephanie Micek of the DNRC. Squeeky spoke with her yesterday and she said it has a lot to do with how the water comes off. Warmer temps, or even hot temperatures with day time highs in the 80’s F and night time lows above 55F will trigger some rapid run-off. If we see more seasonal day time air temps we will see a gradual run-off. Night time lows are part of the equation. When she dips into the 40’s the pace of the run-off happens much more slowly.

That is the news of the day my Missouri River brethren. Not excluding my sister-ren. Hah.

See you on one of those flooded dry fly flats soon enough. Until then happy hump day from us out here in central Montana to you living vicariously out there in wide open America.

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  • The daily posts are awesome reading (or watching as the case may be) as always. Thanks HH crew from all of us.
    Couple comments on what I saw on the river the last week or so:
    Saw three boats chucking bobbers and the guys on the sticks weren’t back rowing. Dude read the post about rowing. The boat displaces mucho more water than the bobber and line do and catches the rig in the water making your buddy cast instead of fish. Back row so his rig can soak a while. You’ll make his Christmas list!
    Same boats- hug the bank and cast where you had the boat. High water on the Mo doesn’t mean fish to the bank (not always anyway) like on other rivers. Again go back and read some of the earlier blogs.
    And I saw several two ganders out there. To all but a couple of you: take a class so you don’t struggle so much. Or recruit a veteran to help you with technique. It’s supposed to be fun not frustrating.
    And last, if your big articulated streamer is twisting your leader up like a birdnest on a bait casting rig, you need a swivel in your leader. Gave a kid one the other day and after a few swings he tried to pay me for it!
    You guys at HH post this all the time but, evidently, there are a sad few that aren’t into your blog. Too bad

  • Sorry. Post script to the above. Most of the two handed Spey guys I saw having a problem or two were struggling with managing the running line and loops. For many years I’ve used flatbutt mono-25#- with success because it’s easy to manage and resists tangles. Also, you can’t loop up your running line like a lariat because it will lay over itself and hang up at the first stripper guide. If the running line is your problem you might try a stripping basket so you don’t have to fight your loops. Just sayin. And learn to shoot a little line at first it gives you less to think about. 100′ casts are cool but learn the short game before you try to go long. OR, stop at the HH shop for some pointers from John and save yourself some frustration.

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