High Winds in Central Montana?

High Winds in Central Montana?

High Winds in Central Montana?

Yes. Only when the winter temperatures peak the 50F mark. We are forecast for 60F tomorrow. With increased winds.


Winter fishing is here on the Mo and we have seen lots of anglers out this past week. Winter rules apply. Today and tomorrow will bring high winds. But if you are gonna head out on the water check in first with us at the shop if you are at all concerned about the winds.

Winds is forecast to be quite heavy. Today high temperature near 50F and wind gusts near 50 mph. Saturday highs 66F and wind gusts at 60mph.

So, we would consider that pretty windy. But, sometimes the forecasters are wrong. Sometimes. Seems like they they are always to blame are relatively close on the wind forecasts.

ddHigh Winds in Central Montana?

Nymphing Report

Four Steps for Winter Nymphing.

  1. Deep
  2. Slow
  3. Pink
  4. Repeat

Bugger Chuckers

Deep, slow, black, slow.

Sort of 4 steps there too. Dick Magill and Guide Eric Mondragon have been out stripping this past week. Dick says “Find that water that you cannot see the bottom, that is moving, sort of, and let your streamer marinate. Keep tension with very slow strips…slow.”

The Trout Spey Gang

Deep buckets. Skagit Lines rule the winter. Get the tip on that gets you to the fish. The most common mistake int eh winter months is not getting the fly to the fish zone. RIO IMOW and SA TC Tips need to be a part of your attack. The heavy kind. Stop in and see the Missouri River Trout Spey Experts to help you get a handle on the current conditions.

Want to demo, touch, see, understand the double handed gear you need? Headhunters of Craig is your Trout Spey Source. More Trout Spey gear than the rest of Montana combined! Honest.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily for all your trout fishing needs. Booking staff on hand to get your summer 2020 trip nailed down. Get your Spring Special Trips and Lodging in the books. Spring is coming. Summer is coming. Fall is a ways off in the distance, but never too soon to complete your reservation today.

Shuttles. Demo trout spey gear including rods, lines, and the like. The always popular sale rack. Open 8-5. Free rot gut coffee. Stop in and say hello this weekend.

Headhunters Fly Shop is…Entertainment, information, education, and customer service.

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