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Holiday Update from Downtown Craig Montana

Holiday Update from Downtown Craig Montana

Pretty slow yesterday as the cold kept many away. And a TDay hangover of sorts whether it be turkey based or otherwise. Dead calm and overcast yesterday. Braden Lewis out guiding locals yesterday. Not only didi they have it almost to theirselves, the net was wet.

Today high and bright sun offering 15F this am. Damn cold man. A few shuttles this am, a few out there, but we believe traffic will be soft through the weekend.

A few rising trout out there. More than we have been reporting. Lots? Nope. But a few. And they are catchable. Moving to the midge, or small mayfly patterns.

Small Business Saturday today. Support your local fly shop. If you like to spend your dollars at box stores the stock holders will appreciate you with paying lower wages and keeping the info, education, and uniqueness from your experience. But if you want to support, all 12 months, families of the fly shop gang, education of the angler, cool spots curated by real people on the river, on the floor, and in the business 365 days a year…we applaud you. We thank you. You are welcome in our store, in Craig, and in the tri-county area. And, if you are shop at the big emotionless everything stores say hello to the hardware guy helping you after wandering for 12 minutes to find a guy to open up the reel case.

Sale items include the Skwala brand with 12 days of Christmas. 20% off select daily items in the shop this weekend.

Skwala Sale

Sale items in store in Craig. We got rods, Just Add Vise Tying Kits, flies, select Skwala gear, and so much more. Come by this holiday season for savings in-store at Headhunters of Craig. Open daily.

Adipose rental boats for sale in the next couple weeks. Have a couple fellas on the list. If you want your name on the list, or if you are already on the list and want to remind us of your need for these discounted used 7 month rental Adipose Flow drifters, text Mark @ 406-459-8739  for consideration.

Don’t forget about us, Headhunters Fly Shop, when shopping this holiday period. Love to hear from you, help you with odor Xmas list, and continue the 15 year tradition here in Craig.

Enjoy the college football rivalry weekend, leftovers, naps, dreams of PMD rising trout in June including getting your ’24 guide and lodging reservations in line with your buddies, and of course, friends and family.

All kinds of Just Add Vise Kits available for your winter tying obsession prepping for Mo River Adventures in ’24!

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