Holiday Week Report Montana’s Missouri River

Holiday Week Report Montana’s Missouri River

Flows just under 3K. Water temps continue to fall at 42.5F. Boat ramps are usable, but with variable weather this past couple weeks, and ahead, you should check any of the steep ramps for exit possibilities before you float.

Open this week for your fishing pleasures. Really the first weather that has been fishable for at least a week. Looking better for the holiday week with air temps reaching above the freezing mark and the normal amount of snow, rain, wind, and Rocky Mountain weather ahead for the week.

Pack accordingly for your trip to the river and enjoy. Some hunters out there as well rousting a few waterfowl about.

Nymphers are on the sow game. Worm, pink lightening bugs, Firebead sows, and scuds are the game. Shallow waters out there with no pressure. GO to the best runs and fish there. Those who search around all day long will not find the success that the glory seekers will. Go to the good stuff. Nobody around and why not fish the cream.

Strippers love this time of year. Not many anglers, none, and wide open runs wade without the nymphers around. Fish the skinny waters and strip it. Leeches and light flies can move the fish in those shallower habitats. Come by the shop and sift through the many bins of streamers appropriate for the week and month ahead. Really a nice time to be steamer fishing the Mo.

We do have lodging available this week as well. Not much for food in Craig but we hear that the outfit in WC is open and the Missouri River Inn at Prewitt Creek is keeping it real daily. Food in Cascade at the Angus and the Driftwood. Izaak’s is closed for the year.

Not much for the dry fly angler out there. But, keep your eyes peeled.

The swingers rejoice this time of year. Wide open spaces with not many anglers to interfere with the long swing runs. Larger wets and leeches are the most common fare along with smaller streamers with some flash if you wish. The water temps are seeing many fishing the Skagit Lines with tips this week. Any Q’s about what to do out there this week? Call or stop in while in the area and we can set you out on a successful mission.

Your Trout Spey Destination including the Mighty Mo and Headhunters of Craig. Open all week for fishing needs, gifts, warmth, friendly faces, and more!

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