Hot Dog…The Movie Trailer

Hot Dog The Movie Trailer

For fellas from John and Mark’s generation that worked in the ski business Hot Dog The Movie plays out the fantasy of what got males into the industry.

Some of it is true. Most of it for those ski bumming in larger famous ski communities.

Squeeky in small northwest venues. Both John and Julie in much more well known ski towns.

Just like there is no short cut for becoming great at fishing and the quickest route is to fish everyday, for many years the same is true for skiing. The best way to become a great skier is to ski everyday. I have been a part of several Chinese Downhill races, as I know John has too…and they are dangerous! Fun as hell.

And party most every night. Lots of parallels between the two sports.

Most of the really fun stuff in Hot Dog happens in the ski area/ski town arena. Not much of the hot tub, sexy gondola rides, or ritzy ski hill condo backroom activity occurs in small dusty fishing towns.

Or I haven’t been invited to the right parties.

Hot Dog, a cult ski classic, was off the market for many years. But thankfully Synapse Films re-released it last year. Just ordered my copy. Get your Hot Dog rerelease here 

I haven’t seen Zinka on any anglers nose recently though. But another favorite movie of this author Spicoli is rocking some as well.


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