Hump Day Brown Trout

Hump Day Brown Trout

Hump Day Brown Trout

This is the fishing report.

Above fish caught on an ant.

Yes, Barret was rocking it pretty hard.

End fishing report.

Hump Day Brown Trout.

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  • “Nothing but the facts M’am”

  • I noticed following your blog almost everyday that the Browns are really on the thin side. Not skinny but not the fat slobs I would expect to see coming out of a big tailwater. Did the high water flush a lot of protein and fats downstream? What you think.

    • I think like people, elk, dogs, and all things in nature, that some are skinny, and some are fat. Maybe the photos I have been getting are of the skinny ones. I don’t believe that the fish are skinny at all this year. But I am only on the water daily…a sampling is what you see here. just a few fish shots.

  • No there are plenty of fat browns. Barret just picks on the really hungry ones!

  • The pics Ive seen all summer that you’ve been posting, the fish look anemic compared to the fish I been catching on a major freestone river.

    • Let’s see some evidence Bob! Pics tell no lie. You don’t have to tell us what major freestone river you re fishing, ’cause I know it’s a secret…

      • Same one you fished earlier this year Mark. I dont take pics. I try and not even take the fish out of the water. But I guarantee the fish are way fatter, which does surprise me. Being a tailwater seems the food base would be much better. Maybe its because the fish are spending way more time having their picture taken then feeding.

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