Hump Day Fishing Report 1.31.18

Hump Day Fishing Report 1.31.18

Hump Day Fishing Report 1.31.18

Good times out there coasting into the beginnings of February. January is water under the bridge. Hooray. One day closer to spring. Bring loads of snow to the hills in February please. We could use a better water year than we have had in the past several years.

Nymphing Report

Pink is on. Czech’s, any of Ninch’s winter patterns, Zebra’s, sows.

Find deep inside lane water. Drop in fly. Wait. If nothing happens. Repeat. If something happens. Repeat.


Black and smaller seem to be the hot trend. White is good too. Chartreuse. Yellow. Kreelex will find you some takers. Flashy variants will suffice.

Skagit lines rule the month. Most are using RIO IMOW tips in the 5’x5′ T-8 or T-11 or full sinking 10′ intermediate or heavier. The great thing about the Trout Spey component system is ability to change depths so easily and effectively. Brilliant really.

Headhunters of Craig carries a full array of streamer lines for your single handed game. Sink tips from RIO, Scientific Anglers, and Airflo. We have the knowledge and the products to help you get it right this streamer season.

Dry Fly Anglers

Still watching. And seeing a few bugs. It is coming. watch the water temps. Increase in temps equals an increase in activity. Soon.

Clusters may bring one to the surface for a bite. Adams. Something miraculously slipping around on the surface slickness.

Tip for the Day

Clean all of your fly lines this winter. We should all clean them more often. Always surprised to find accomplished anglers that do not pay attention to the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s effective.

But don’t do it if you don’t want to catch more fish. If you are cool where you are at, no worries.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily. Spring Special starts March 15th. Midges in February. Goodbye January!


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