Hump Day Hot Tip

Hump Day Hot Tip

You know, a fella could take a shot of his fishing license on his cell phone and keep it in his pocket, the phone.

And the fishing license. But so many fellers forget to bring their fishing license out fishing, or even on the fishing trip.

Yes, any license provider can reproduce the license for a small $5 fee. Some fellers balk at that.

Well if you are that type of feller, why don’t you outsmart the system and take an image and save it to your cell phone, so when the fed’s, or the state, or your fishing guide wants to see you fishing license you have it on your phone.

Hump Day Hot Tip

You have one of these right?

Yep. The state says its is OK to have that image, and that is enough proof for them.

The best case scenario is that you have your license on your person. That is how the license thing generally works. The state officer, FWP agent, is not too hip on you saying that you have one…trust me. The Trust Me phrase in Law Enforcement does not always hold water. But if you smile sheepishly, it may go over better?

I also have my Drivers License on my phone. While not the perfect out, it does earn you some wiggle room.

That is your Hump Day Hot Tip.

All the best to you folks out there this Wednesday. High(er) water still here. Dry all week long. The creeks are clear. The fishing should be improving? Maybe.

We cannot get the ear of the fishing gods. Although, we keep trying.