Hump Day Missouri River Fishing Report

Hump Day Missouri River Fishing Report

A short bulleted version of the Hump Day Missouri River Fishing Report.

  • Good Trico spinner fall in the morning. The farther you are downstream the longer it lasts. If you are fishing at the dam it goes by and poof gone! Lower downriver the bugs keep coming for a while. Good bets are downwing caddis, single Trico spinners, Rusty Spinners, Midge Clusters.
  • Good blind dry fly fishing in the canyon with dry flies. Hoppers and ants are in play. Not big time as I only saw one hopper today on the bank. Maybe more later? But does not look like it will be an epic hopper year.
  • Good to great short leashing early and during the hatch. After the hatch period the nymphing seems to be soft. Lots just throwing a blond attractor dry fly.
  • Weather is hot. The fish can go south in this heat. Anglers too. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. You will be fresher, sprite almost. Hydration is important.
  • Clean your fly lines often with RIO Fly Line Cleaning Pads avail at a fly shop near you.
  • Headhunters Open at 6am. Late til 9pm.






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