Hump Day on the Mighty Mo

Hump Day on the Mighty Mo

Hump Day on the Mighty Mo

High water.

Not too many rising fish. Nearly none. Although…

Fish in. Not too heavy.

Fish out. Real heavy.

I’d be probing the banks with a streamer if I had my druthers. Looks pretty good. Get the depth dialed in with add-on tips avail. @ HH of Craig. Just ask.

Caddis Festival Saturday.

Sun today. Rain tomorrow.

The water will get higher, but my latest guess is not terribly high. Still dumping lots of water on this end. The lake is 78% full. It is filling. Inflows about 20K. Outflows about 13K. I suspect that we will continue to see the Holter Dam flows below 15K considering the sun, rain in the forecast and the tennis situation on the Sn River to the NW of us. So, status quo for another month.

Lodging available @

Guides available at HH. Call the High Water Hotline 406-235-3447 for any add’l info. Our crack team is at the ready!

We have all of the bugs you need inside the cozy confines of Headhunters Fly Shop. Sungear, logo wear, that new fly line you desperately need, and more!

Open early. Open late. Free coffee too…

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  • Great photo yesterday- looked like a good cigar! Looks like the flow hit 14k this morning… But no need to stay home. Was on the lower end yesterday swinging oversized caddis soft hackles through areas where there are normally riffles and picked up a few on the rise at the end of the swing. No risers to speak of. Old school wet flies- lots of memories there, Mark!

  • Assume 7wt is in town and business is good

  • Thanks to Shane Wilson for a great day on the river Saturday for my wife and I. Good fishing and good company! Can’t ask for more. We appreciate it Mark.

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