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I guess we’re starting Troutspey a little early…

It seems like everyone is Jonesing to Spey. We still have several weeks of great dry fly and streamer action left! You’ll still be in shirt sleeves 6 weeks from now! But anglers are coming by, asking for the “swing” report, talking new gear and debating trout vs. birds vs. a quick run over to the Clearwater. So here we go…


The eagerly awaited for Sage ONE Troutspey is now in stock at Headhunters. Took long enough. A few are already spoken for, and a couple will immediately go into the demo fleet so you can take them out and see what all the fuss is about. Lots of folks coming by the shop and asking about these new ultra-light spey rods. Try or buy, you will like them either way.

We do have them on our online store, so if you don’t want to risk missing out on one, press “Buy”! If you hate it, we will work something out to get you into the right rod, or make a partial refund. I expect these to go relatively quickly, and I’m not sure what the backstroke will be like at Sage.

Troutspey Day #1

Spent Sunday on the river with local trout bum John Heckert, swinging the two-hander down around Cascade. John has been teetering on the edge of the Spey Canyon for a while. He fell in at our Labor Day sale when Ninch and Sara hooked him up with a used demo Echo Glass Spey rod. He does a lot of wade streamer fishing, so it only made sense.

This was John’s first time with a spey rod. We had an excellent instructional day, hitting both banks multiple times and adjusting our casts to the ever changing breeze. Perfect day to be out on the water.

The fishing? Meh. But we did tangle with a few fish. My first spey trout of the fall, and that’s nice. Still a bit early, and the lure of rising fish tempted us to break out the single handers a few times. If you do go, i would go really early and hit some of the long beaches. Swing it way in shallow until the sun hits the water. When there are lots of bugs available, the fish will ignore your swung fly.

Spending the day watching John adapt to a new style reminded me what a great rod the Echo Glass Spy & Switch series is. Really forgiving, but with tons of power and speed if you want it. The only negative that we’ve ever heard regard the weight in your hand. Not terrible, but definitely heavier than graphite.

Still too early

Yes, like I said it’s still bit early and I didn’t really expect the swinging to be phenomenal. But in a month or so, things will relay start to turn on. By Thanksgiving we will be hitting the peak of swing season. Hold your horses! You’ll have to deal with rising fish and incredible nymph for a while yet.

Echo Glass Spey

John Heckert concentrating during his first day with a spey rod. You can tell John is concentrating because he has his tongue out. Like this guy…

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