In the Life of a Headhunter

In The Life of a Headhunter

The daily routine of a Headhunter might just go like this…

Wake. Look outside to verify cloud cover. If sunny, sleep for as long as you want. If not, rollover and sleep until 10am.

10am. Get out of bed. Make coffee. Stare outside for 31 minutes dreaming of sipping trout.

In the Life of a Headhunter

11am. Clean fly line. Tie 3 CDC Cripples and 2 Black ply posted ones too. Pour last cup of Joe.

Noon. Wander to the fly shop for fresh bottle of Frog’s Fanny. The new brush does not matter as you have been rolling same Fanny Brush for 764 days now. It’s really puffed out.

Noon:15. Drive to the river and stare at the water for 13 minutes. See some sign of the big bug. The baetis tricaudatus. Good. Very good.

Noon:30. Now standing in your favorite dry fly run staring. Just little fish and really just a few of them working.

In the Life of a Hedhunter
Standing knee deep…

1:15ish. First cast. Got ’em. First cast is always the best cast. They get more difficult after the first cast. Squeeky Oar Lock told me that 341 times once.

1:15is til dark. Just a blur really. Some fly changing out of necessity. Really just fly replacing as the first one the CDC Wing disintegrated. Second one the poly got too gooey from fish slime. The third bad knot, again.  The fourth is still attached.

634pm. Back to car headed for a Hot Toddy. Heat on high thawing crippled frozen hands. Smiling.

Tomorrow? Let us hope it is overcast and cool again.

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