Is the Swing Bite good?

Is the Swing Bite good?

Is the Swing Bite good?

Ask HH Guide Ben McNinch, aka 7wt, what he thinks of the swing bite. He’d say something like “Well, you can see the result above.” Matter of fact. Rick yesterday caught this beauty on a Trout Spey rod fishing with Ben.

Speaking to many of the Trout Spey gang the bite is not too bad. Several Swing Trips out this month. Lots of interest in the shop. Many displaced steelheaders switching it up from the longer rod to the 2HTROUT rod. Rather than chasing steelhead on the coast, they are making the trip over to Montana’s Missouri River and chasing a different quarry.

That trip includes a stop into the World Trout Spey HQ in downtown Craig @ Headhunters. We have the gear! And the knowledge to get you geared up right. Line match, rod selection, a zillion tips and leaders in stock, and the staff to help you make the right decisions. Demo gear also available if you want to test out a few different rods. Who else provides that service? I think you know the answer.

One of the cool things about this time of year is that you can fish both Skagit and Scandi set-ups. Skagit anglers are getting the flies deep into previously unfished waters with heavy tips presented properly. Those who like the mid depth range are also getting it done. And now we can start to bring the Scandi rigs and swing a few soft hackles or your favorite wet flies. Truly something for everyone as we enjoy the spring fishing here in central Montana.

Headhunters has not only the line selection you need to outfit you accordingly, but also the trout spey and soft hackle fly selection that has made HH of Craig the goto Spey shop.

Back to Rick and his Rainbow. Nice trout Rick. We will see you again on the Mo. Hopefully this season. And 7wt? You will see him out there too. But remember he is sneaky. Sometimes invisible. A great asset for a fishing guide!

Less than 2 weeks left for our industry favorite Spring Special. $450 Guide Trips. Inquire about a spey trip if you desire. Julie and Sara are ready for your call. Give the Trout Spey Hotline a ring @ 406-235-3447

Headhunters is your Entertainment, information, education, and customer service leader on the banks of Montana’s Missouri River. Don’t forget about our nearly 40 rental properties including the customer favorite Craig Trout Camp located right here in Craig. An easy stroll to the Joe’s, Izaak’s, and just a cast away from the Mo.

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