It kinda felt like WINTER! But it’s over now…

It kinda felt like WINTER! But it’s over now…

Whoa! That last week kinda felt like Winter! But it’s over now. We generally get our first taste of winter weather around Labor Day. And we did. And then we endure a couple ice ages during October, and then it feels like winter, later in October.

And I guess, we had it.

But it certainly felt arctic tis past week with two snow storms that dumped enough snow in conjunction with high winds to blow it around creating snow drifts on roadways making travel difficult.

Now that is gone. For the time being. Weather this week includes seasonal temperatures with hi’s in the 40’s and low 50’s coupled with partly cloudy skies.

We are back to fishing/business as usual this week. A bit of wind today, gusting pretty hard from the south. Common SW winds this week 5-15mph. Common.

The BWO’s are here and if they do not blow away the trout should be interested in them. Cripples are king. Emergers too. The soft hackle 2HTROUT gang is here and swinging BWO patterns for the feeding trout daily. But the DFO guys head out about noon and begin the daily hunt @145pm. You can usually find good trout on the surface til dark, or thereabouts. Find a good lee and set on up.

More and more Trout Spey anglers here. It is the SWING SEASON for sure. 2 Handed Trout Guide Trips are going out daily. Our Trout Spey staff is large. With the education leaders John, Whitney and Mike heading up a staff including Beth, Mark, Braden, Shane, Eric, Dewey and more. So we got the swing staff to enable a great day with your 2 handed rod.

This is the time. It starts now! We have three 2HTROUT guide trips out today. And it continues. Great fishing to be had for the next couple months on the Mo. And as the days go by the angler numbers wane. A good time to be here. A good time to learn. A good time to unwind. A great time to get away.

Check boat ramps out there before you do anything rash. With the high winds and blowing snow the ramps could be compromised. Call the shop before you head out for your shuttle and boat ramp health. And a current wind report as well. Open daily for your trout fishing needs here in central Montana.

Izaaks is closed for the winter. Thanks go out to the staff and Chef John for a great season again here in downtown Craig!! We will miss you and look forward to 2021!

Food for you folks out there who like to eat, most of you, Cascade and Wolf Creek are the towns with food. And soon WC may not have a restaurant open for the winter as well. Shotgun Annie’s currently open daily. You can always rent a cabin with a kitchen! Craig Trout Camp is a good place to start with our lodging right here in Craig. Our master lodging site, which includes the Craig Trout Camp 7 properties right here in Craig, will show you pics, availability and such. You can also call our crack booking staff @ 406-235-3447 for any questions or to book your guide trip or lodging site today.

A bundle of businesses closed for the off season. Headhunters open daily 8am. Look us up for any off season fishing, lodging, rental boats, trout spey, guide trips, info, gear, online services, and more!

Tuesday, and it feels like fall again. We like fall.

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