It can be a circus

It might be a Circus

It might be a Circus

It might be a Circus out there this weekend. And in the following weeks ahead.

Our Governor declared a statewide flooding emergency. We are not flooding here. We have 3 dams, and 3 lakes, feeding this river.

She must be hungry because she is digesting plenty of water. This morning 13,200. The Dearborn is falling this morning to 1,480 and may continue? It peaked last night at about 1,650. It will come back. Does that mean less mud? Who knows. An update tomorrow as we see what fleshes out.

So come on by the shop and say hello to the friendly fly fishers at Headhunters of Craig. We are open early, and late for any of your nymphing needs. Buy some dry flies too, you may need them in July.

And, I have always liked the Circus. My mother restricted me from joining at a young age…then I ended up in Craig.

The fly fishing Circus awaits!


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