A few items for Fall Fishing Magic!

A few items for Fall Fishing Magic!

A few items for Fall Fishing Magic!

Heading headlong into fall here in Craig Montana. A few times that may make your fall fly fishing adventure better when visiting the Missouri River.

A few clutch times in that image. RIO Line Cleaners. I use them nearly daily. The only reason I don’t, is sometimes I space shit out. Strange. Kreelex streamer pattern. How can you even fish the Mo with out it? And a new leader. Straight and knot free is a great way to start every day.

  • RIO Streamer Tip. Whether you like to dredge up the beasts from below or keep your double articulated something or other nearer the surface a new streamer line will get you revved up this fall. Why not start out the season right with a new streamer specific fly line. It will reward you all fall, winter, and spring. From a 10′ Clear Intermediate tip all the way to that streamer line that will find them in the dark reaches of your stream Headhunters Fly Shop has a streamer line that will fit your streamer chucking needs.
  • Scientific Anglers MPX. The dry line choice of many is the MPX. Slippery, tapered for long dry line streamer or October Caddis skittering this line will make you smile. Easy to cast is an understatement. This is the general fly line that you will truly enjoy. A power fly line a half weight heavy that still has not lost sight of presentation. If you want to deep nymph the morning, short leash mid day and dry fly fish the BWO hatch all with the same fly line…you need not go further that the MPX. Try one out at the shop today. You will not be disappointed.
  • Headhunters Fly Shop Streamer Selection. The best on the river. We have those hard to find smaller streamers for both the educated and the Trout Spey fans. We have the big and chunky patterns that the millennials dig. And we have all of the standards that you folks love including the Kreelex, leeches, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnows in all of the creative Headhunters flavors. 7wt. keeps the HH bins full and ready for action.
  • Leaders. We have a fantastic selection of Scientific Anglers, RIO, TroutHunter, and Umpqua. Long ones at 12′ and 14′, short ones for the streamer angler, a mega selection of Trout Spey leaders and tips. Truly a wall full of leaders for your Missouri River applications. Why not stock up for the fall. A new leader everyday is our motto.
  • RIO Fly Line Cleaner. Your fly lines best friend. Use it daily. A clean fly line helps you deliver the fly to the target. So it is a primary tool in your box. The best $0.99 in fly fishing! We have a number of fly line cleaner options but this is the most popular. Shove a couple in your fly bag keeping that fly line of your super slippery this fall.
  • Just Add Vise Tying Kits. A fantastic item to take home with you. Fish the fly not he Mo, buy a JAV Tying Kit for your winter home work, return to the Mo in the spring and capitalize on your local knowledge and hand tied jewels! A perfect gift for the Missouri River angler in your family. Order a few up today!

A few items to get you ready for your Missouri River trip. What are your must haves for fall?

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