It’s a Damn Snow Globe

It’s a Damn Snow Globe

As of Thursday morning here in Craig Montana It’s a Damn Snow Globe.

When will it stop?

Spring is a long time coming this year. Is it normal weather pattern. Yes, it really is.

But we as anglers, as humans, like the sunshine. We like emerging bugs. We like comfort in the boat and knee deep in a Montana stream.

We don’t like more snow!

Unless you are a trout. Or an aquatic insect. Or a worm.

The good news is that a week from this Saturday, the forecast predicts 73F.

And that, we like.

Guide trips out daily, shop open at 8am, check out our lodging page as well with lots of options from downtown here at the Craig Trout Camp, or many locales along the river.

Have a great weekend out there in Headhunters Land.

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