Best Montana streamer fishing

It’s nice. A little Too Nice.

A beautiful fall day yesterday in what was – I assume – record high temperatures. Nearly 80 degrees in North Central, and not a breath of wind. Too sunny for a big hatch, and the water is still too warm for Baetis. If you’re hunting for BWO’s on the Missouri River, think November. You’ll have the place to yourself. Until then, Pseudos and small caddis are the fare.

Mark, myself and Zak Dalton of Sage/RIO spent the day tossing streamers (and a few dries) on the Missouri. A few slower spells, but all in all a great day with plenty of fish in the net. A few good ones.

Our key to streamers yesterday? Slow – like in a coma – retrieves. We don’t like short strikes. The best flies were the usual Skiidish/Sparkle/Kreelex, etc. stuff.

Today we’re finally getting some clouds/rain. In fact I’m walking out the door right now. After that it’ll be back to that “too nice” weather pattern for another week. Today’s the day…

Missouri River fall fishing.
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