Izaak's Restaurant Craig Montana Hiring Staff 2019

Izaak’s Restaurant Craig Montana Hiring Staff 2019

Izaak’s Restaurant Craig Montana Hiring Staff 2019

Chef John @ Izaak’s Restaurant in downtown Craig Montana is hiring staff for the 2019 season.

Cooks, waitstaff, dishers, bartenders…any and all are encouraged to spend the summer in a damn good fishing town.

John is excited to open Izaak’s for his 8th summer and would love to make you part of the team!

Send resume to chefwinders@msn.com or call John @ 801-560-4752.

For those already hired at the fly shops why not earn a bit more? How about those who want to fish all day and work all night? He’s got room for you!

I as a young trout and ski bum worked my ass off. So did Julie and John. All the way through my 30’s. Two jobs, three jobs…yes indeed never afraid of the hard work. I always thought it important to work hard and take advantage of the situation. Always trying to scratch and claw man. That is what winners are made of. They are cut from the cloth of hard work.

And to make it in this biz, in the recreation arena; hard workers rise to the top. Every boss recognizes the hardest worker. The smart ones too. But showing up on time, smiling, ready to work?

Irreplaceable. Important. Impressive.

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Red Boat Mark
March 9, 2019 9:30 am

So, did he not sell it? I’m glad if so. I’d run across that ice jam in the canyon right now for some pulled pork nachos!

True dat, RBM