Jack Speaks about Summer in Craig

Jack Speaks about Summer in Craig

A lot of my friends claimed that “you don’t need drag for trout” or “trout don’t take you into your backing”. On the Missouri these statements are myth.

The first Trout I caught snatched my fly and after the sharp pierce of a hook set ran with brute force. I had never felt a bolt of lightning radiate through my rod. After taking a walk downstream, managing the sheer muscle finally netting the fish was met with sustained satisfaction.

Sometimes you only have a short period of time to hit your favorite run on the River. Sometimes you have to take advantage of your opportunities. A real bright factor to the Missouri River is you have a good chance of hooking into the fish of a lifetime at just about every cast. Whether they end up in your net is another story.

Another plus is the bug action that frequents the surface of this water. Subtle sip, fly gone, rod in full bend and a reel screeching with line seeping through the guides is something I’ve grown very accustomed to here on the Missouri. Fat, bright Rainbows that pack a punch. Elusive browns that only show themselves for an overwhelming insect hatch or to pursue a streamer.

To be completely honest my first visit to the Missouri was overwhelming. After calling smaller streams such as the Gallatin and Frying pan home the Missouri and its vastness took me aback. My experience with these trout this summer has been unlike any other. Regardless of what happens moving forward the Missouri will be a location I call a home in some capacity for the rest of my life.

Ed Note: Jack came to the shop mid summer and has been a huge help. Along with Macie the two of them have been the added fuel we needed to get through this strange year. Thanks or your enthusiasm, you learning ability, and your passion Jack. We appreciate it!


All Star, HH Staff, Jack
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  • George Cecchetti
    November 18, 2020 8:16 am

    I have found through my travels. Many fly rodders that claim you don’t need a drag for trout just don’t catch many big fish or target them. Could you imagine fishing the Beaverhead, Green, Shoshone, Lower Sac or White rivers without a drag? Fishing barbless? Come on man!

    November 19, 2020 2:04 pm

    Had to get rid of wifes 4 weight after she got taken to the spool 3 times in the Missouri. She finds the NRX LP 6 weight/Nautilus XL more up to the task.

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