July 6th Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

July 6th Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Trico’s have arrived. Good spinner falls yesterday and today. Riverwide. Tomorrow?

Flows continued higher than normal. Currently 8230cfs. Inflows at Toston falling and into the high K’s. Reduction in flows soon? We think so. This week? Don’t know. Wade fishers finding some water for those in the know. Boat anglers doing just fine.

PMD’s? Waning? Some good PMD spinner falls the past couple days. AS good shot int he arm for those not he dry fly program. Spinner falls of Trico’s helped out the last couple days. PMD spinners still ding the job of fooling big brown trout. Smaller 16’s and 18’s are the recent ticket.

Caddis flies getting fish looking at them. Translucent Emergers, Pupa, Buzzballs, Mo River Special, Corn Fed, Double Duck,. Outrigger, CDC Palmered, Blooms, Half Chicken, X Caddis…

Nymphers delight in the Zirdle, Crayfish, the Purple Weight Fly, Tung Darts, Gold Weight Flies, BH Translucent Pupa’s, Frenchie’s, many of the hot Euro sinks type fish getters/come by and check them out. Split shot or not. Find the secondary or tertiary shelf and ride it baby.

Strippers? Not so much. Dry flies are out. Many focus on that part.

Not as many anglers as we thought would be here this July. Not too many displaced anglers from other rivers here right now. More dry fly guys than last week. The wade army is not here yet. They may not make it here with the higher flows. Not too many spots to dip your toes into.

First cast not he fish is good. Cast at the heads. Reach or slack line presentations are best. The honeymoon period is over for the PMD’s and caddis. So dragging the fly over the heads does not work any longer. Longer tippets. More patience equals more net time.

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  • Tom Dickson
    July 6, 2023 10:16 pm

    As a private in good standing with the Bridge-to-Bridge Wade Army–no relation to the Wagner Group-I am bummed beyond measure with this continued high water. PMDs waning? How can that be? We’re not even done with the first week of July! Just my luck, the river will finally drop to 6K cfs and it’ll be a moving weedbed with not a riseform in sight.

  • wayne e clayton
    July 8, 2023 6:34 am

    Hey Mark
    How come you keep showing pictures of fish being held out of water?
    Keep them wet

    • Thanks Wayne. We will keep them wet. Appreciate your comments as always. Hang on down there man. We are pulling for you and the resource upriver of us.


      • wayne e clayton
        July 9, 2023 6:15 am

        Things are starting to get dire here in the Big Hole.Once the rain stopped the river dropped like a rock

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