July Craig Montana Sunday Morning Images and Micro Fishing Report

Top notch morning in Craig.

July 19th.

Sunny and warm. The water had cooled to 60 two nights in a row and now hovers at 64F.

Love my Corolla!
Love my Corolla!

Tough fishing conditions for those who do not carry a fly rod in the back seat of their Corolla.

If you can get it done, it becomes easier.

Casting and dead drifting is vital to your success on the dry fly.

The fish are spooky and that initial contact with the trout should not include unpreparedness.

It should include having the right amount of line out before you present so you do not show the fish your fly in a bad light first off.

Those anglers who love finicky, tough, selective, difficult, time consuming, Henry’s Fork-esque type trout…you fellers love this time period on the Mo. It does box out some anglers from those locales.

Crowds are waning as we move into the latter parts of July.

August is on the horizon and we enjoy the cooler temps in August. July is the warmest month, usually, and cooling water temps generally accompany the change of month.

Legend Johnny Kowalski in a Trico Swarm


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