July Trico's Missouri River Fishing Report

July Trico’s Missouri River Fishing Report

July Trico’s Missouri River Fishing Report

Some good times and some not as good times for anglers here fishing Montana’s July Trico’s Missouri River Fishing Report.

Depends on where you are at what time with what fly and a good drift. Good drifts are the constant. Fish are generally caught on good drifts. Bad drifts are always bad.

Another tip…throw the fly at the trout. At him. At the fish.At the trout. At them.

Think about how efficient fishing catches more fish.

Still about 2/3 speed here in central Montana. Not as many anglers fishing here now. Feels quite good. Real good. Not begging for more either. We like the softer July. Around the state the fish are biting and we for the first time in some time are witnessing the relaxed pace here in Craig.

The fish are more difficult upstream of Craig. Less difficult below. Not as many bugs on the lower. Tons on the upper. The canyon is as quiet as it has been all year long.

Flies that are on fire include many skittering caddis patterns. Some of those down winged rigs like the King’s River, The Missouri River Special, Stocking Wing, X Caddis, X2, Angelo’s Burnt Wing. Quig’s Cluster Midge, any of the Harrop’s CDC based spinners and cripples.

How about a soft hackle off the back of your dry. How about a sunken Trio pattern?

Chubby’s with droppers can get you through the afternoon as well. Toss it in the sexy water and let it fish.

PMD’s are part of the equation still. Even if you don’t see massive amounts they can produce.

The short leash gang is all hopped up. 3′ or less for those searching for a good time. Mornings and afternoons are key for this technique. Fish it in front of the hatch and after it as well.

We love to dry fly fish here at Headhunters. It is our focus. While we will explore all techniques we do believe that when the dry fly bite is present that we should encourage the dry fly game.

But all of the folks that believe that all anglers should dry fly fish I present to you the nightmare that would happen if everyone tossed the dry fly…crowded dry fly arenas.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it bub.

Get out early and have a plan. We are open at 6 am, the only shop in Craig to get up at dawn. Coffee perking early too. Open late as well. See you after 6pm for all things trout. Come by and enjoy the Wi-Fi, cell service, along with like minded anglers.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service is your Missouri River friend.


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