June 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

June 9th Missouri River Fishing Report Headhunters Edition

June 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

Pretty good dry fly action at these levels.

These levels is currently 10K. On the nuts. Will it satay that way? Maybe. The DNRC cancelled an increase late Thursday. The lake level is 93.3% full. Coming up fast with inflows at Toston Dam 17K. The warm weather today and this last week will let ‘er rip. We will watch and let you know. Or you too can keep taps on this annual event.

Back to the dry fly game. Pretty good considering the water levels. If they hold and do not creep upwards too fast we should see this good enough action continue.

Cripples. Spinners. Emergers. And some duns. Get a cripple you can see. Fish a spinner you can’t see. Swing a soft hackle?

The fish are spooky. Quiet anchor drops are required. Approach quietly and softly. I think you know the game. Right?

First cast is your best cast. Long time readers and Missouri River anglers take this to heart. Dudes who think they are “all that” cast at them before understanding the complexities of the PMD, and the dry fly life. And anglers who are “all that”, generally do not get the desired result.

Just sayin.’

Good times in Craig Montana. Izaak’s open nightly 4 til 9pm. Drinks a bit later but get in for dinner before that 9 o’clock bell. You gotta eat. Joe’s open nightly til 2am for entertainment. Headhunters open daily at 7am. Late til 9pm.

Come by for the up to the minute reports, ideas, info, porch sitting, WiFi, cell service and debauchery.

Headhunters is your source for all things Missouri River Montana. 


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  • What is the meaning of “Dudes who think they are ‘all that’ “? My first time on your site and trying to pick up the vernacular. Will be renting a place on the river in days surrounding July 4.

    • Braden Lewis
      June 9, 2017 5:27 pm

      Pretty much the same in fly fishing as in the rest of life. Those who think they are “all that” usually are the ones who are not. Mark’s intention was to point out the importance of considering your approach before you begin blasting out casts.

    • True Braden. You got it. I know that I am still not “all that.” Approach quietly and softly. Those fellers catch more trout.

  • Thomas A. Wiggins
    June 9, 2017 5:57 pm

    The cold fronts are our advasary.experience. in the south with them is slow down and size down .finesse finesse

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