June is done Missouri River Fishing Report

June is done Missouri River Fishing Report

June is done Missouri River Fishing Report

Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, Yellow Sally’s, Nocturnal Stones, Brown Drakes, Callibaetis, and now Trico’s.

What is not to like?!

July is a great month on the Missouri River with lots of dry fly opportunities. You really can fish the dry fly dawn til dusk. And June? June is done.

June is Done!

June was good. Enough water and cooler than normal water temps have brought us up to the edge of July in good shape. The water levels will remain in the OK range 4100 cfs for the remainder of the summer. If July does not get too hot we will stay in the good graces  of Mother Mo.

Last June was so damn hot that the water temps were too high and the weed growth was well ahead of schedule. Not this year. Doomsdayers will tell you a different story. I not telling you that the entire picture is as rosy as fishing report writers may wish for…but the river is fishing well  and the weeds are not bothering us. Yet.

July 2016

Back to the July gig. Dawn til dusk dry fly fun. While the river attracts the best in dry fly anglers there are tons of bobber lobbers out there. So lots of room for the DFO gang. The wade fishers make up the majority of the dry fly flickers. Lots of guided boats tossing the nymph. So get on out here if you like to fly your dry fly rig.

Bugs are here. Lots of them. But not a good showing yesterday. Better the day before.


We saw the Trico’s the last couple days. Just a smattering of them. They will come on strong here in the next week. About a week or better early. Usually see the first batch near the 4th of July. Sometimes the 5th. This year before the turn of the month. Been like that on all bug fronts this 2016 fly fishing season.

Got tons of the right bugs for your fly hoarding personality. Trico’s galore. All the caddis are still in stock. PMD’s? You bet. Ninch keeps us in the bugs all 12 months. One thing that Headhunters does is to take our bugs before the rest of the shops. All of them. We guarantee we will have all of your favorites by taking our fly stock 6 months in advance. Trico’s? In the shop in December. We will not be short! No, no way. Ninch will not have it. It is a 7 wt. mantra.

Headhunters is your Fly Line Source!

Time to get a new dry fly line? Oh, you will be happier. Toss that old fly line in the rubbish bin and get on board with RIO InTouch fly lines for your favorite fly rod. Perception, Gold, Grand, LT, Light Line are all in stock. Airflo Lake and Stream is a staff favorite. SA lines in the store now too. We have more lines in stock for your pleasure. Never out of them as we sell more than our neighbors. The fly line experts on the banks of the Missouri River here in Craig. Your fly line source whether it be for any line for your 2 handed rod to any line you may need for your single handed rod. Headhunters Fly Shop has you covered.

The fishing really has been better in the last couple days. Got kinda tough there for a few. Now the fish are again looking up and eating the dry. They feel July coming! We do too.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Food!

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 630am with all the free coffee you can choke down. Papa’s open for breakfast. Izaak’s open for dinner Tuesday thru Sunday 5-10pm. Head down to the Driftwood for a killer burger or Rueben. Fired Tater Tots add to the fun fare. The O in Wolf Creek open daily as well. Joe’s Bar? Nightly til 2am.

Keep ’em Wet. Handle fish with care. Show your buddies and your children to respect others, nature, and enjoy your time here in Craig this summer.

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  • Another Epic trip to the MO for this Canadian Eh!
    Thanks for great service and tips from the Headhunters shop staff.
    Accommodations at Wegner Creek RV spot, new friends and a headhunting venture with HH guide Ardy Newman proved worth the CAD $$ sheckles …

    Cheers from Canada, look fwd to next year.

    Greg J.

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