June Mid Month Missouri River Report

June Mid Month Missouri River Report

June Mid Month Missouri River Report

Weather is the first story today on your Headhunters June Mid Month Missouri River Report.

Weather Patterns for June

Cooler than normal air temps coupled with over an inch of precipitation forecast for the next 3 days will make our PMD event a bit soggy. Caddis too.

Although PMD’s love coming off in the rain, and wind, and stormy conditions. Sometimes anglers do not appreciate the help from the weather gods. PMD’s are poor mergers and the broken surface tension can make the emergence quite a show during passing thunderstorms.

Bring your foul weather gear to the river for the week as seasonable June air temps and storms are presents and can come over the Rockies presenting problems for us as anglers.

With the storm cycle including lots of rain in the upper portion of the Missouri River drainage we could see flows reach above current levels as the lake is full. Canyon Ferry Lake has reached its quota and whatever inflows Canyon Ferry receives will be passed downstream to to the river below Holter Dam. Pretty normal for us as we get through this June time period. Rain is common in June as it is the wettest month of the year in the canyon and beyond.

Nearly 3″ of rain fall in June and if there is room in the lake it stays in there. If the lake is full, it passes through. Run of the river deal.

So we will probably see the inflows increase if the rain storm that is forecast actual happens. The last rain event did not put as mu h rain on the ground to push things too far out of whack. Only for a few days. But this precious time period when the bugs are fresh and the fish are hungry and damn excited is short. We like to capitalize on the goodness.

We are crossing our fingers that the flows do not push too high and we can keep the dry fly game in front of us!

Of course the most up to date information can be found right here on the Headhunters daily update blog and fishing report.


PMD’s. Cripples, emergers, unweighted nymphs, and spinners. Fish feeding on the PMD on the surface. Just on the front end of love here on the Mo. Yesterday the biggest hatch of the summer so far. Way more to come as we move into the middle of the month.

PMD Nymphs. Purple Split Case, Nose Picker PMD, Tungsten Redemption, BH Bubbleback, Frenchie Jig Head, Tungsten Split case, BH CDC PT, Trigger Nymph, S & M Brown, Little Amigo S $ M, Peep Show, Ninch’s Done Dun UV Rust, Little Green Machine, Nose Picker, Psycho May…

Caddis. We love caddis imitations that lay in the film. In the meniscus. Not super high floaters. Stay with that theory on the dry fly. Like a Goddard, floats too high!!

Caddis Nymphs. Silverys BH Pupa, Galloups BH UV Caddis Pupa, Weight Flies purple and yellow, Tung Dart, Hogan’s Drifter, Translucent Pupa, Silvey’s Primetime Pupa…

Yellow Sally’s. Fish the nymph for the next month in the canyon and beyond.

June Fishing

Our favorite month. At least SOL’s favorite month. I love the PMD. I hope it runs on for 10 more weeks.

A few great Headhunters Guides available this coming weekend. Some travel cancelations have opened up our calendar. 2 person lodging available as well. Come up for a great weekend on the Mo!






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