Just Add Vise Corn-Fed Caddis

Just Add Vise Corn-Fed Caddis

Today we show you one of the new Just Add Vise Corn-Fed Caddis Kits from House of Headhunters in downtown Craig.

The Corn-Fed Caddis is appropriate for this time of year. It will be one of our top selling flies again in 2023. A true game changer the Corn-Fed Caddis.

This CDC laden fly will tease them up for sure. The trout love this fly! Not only here on the Mighty Mo, but everywhere man. Tie them up by the bunches for all caddis season long success.

Check out this and other Just Add Vise Kits on our online video platform.

This late June and July will fish well, We will get through the busy time of the season and coast into a terrific dry fly period. Many of us believe that the previous two August sessions will hold up and this coming will be equally as epic. Fewer anglers, more fish fo you!

Enjoy the Corn-Fed Caddis video and get a couple of these fabulous efficient kits sent your way today!

Just Add Vise Corn-Fed Caddis, Just Add Vise Kits
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  • Hey Mark
    Don’t forget the double duck caddis
    It will out fish corn fed every time……

  • Might get a hard rap trailing this gem behind a smallish streamer ….. and hang on!!

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