Just Add Vise Kit Frenchie w/ Video

Just Add Vise Kit Frenchie w/ Video

Still selling boatloads of Frenchie fly patterns this Autumn. Zebra’s, Frenchie, and Little Green Machines. May be all you need for a great nymphing day all season long!

Love this fly. We love this bug and so do the trout. A hyper popular spring, summer, and fall pattern. It is one we occasionally run out of. The pre-tied version!

Yes, it is a derivation of a pheasant tail nymph.

But, with Tungsten, lead wound, with a red thorax, fished with confidence here on the Mo and beyond.

The Frenchie rules.

A fantastic PMD pattern that lives well into the late summer.

This fella sinks rapidly!

A great kit to add to your collection. Check out all of the Just Add Vise Tying Kits developed, designed, tied, filmed, merchandised by our own crack team of 7wt and Arnold.

Get yours to day online or in store.

House of Headhunters in downtown Craig Montana.

Just Add Vise Kit Frenchie w/ Video
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