Just Add Vise Kits Live

Just Add Vise Kits Live

Over 10 new Just Add Vise kits created by Ninch and John this last winter. They are in stock and already finding homes at vises near you.

New videos for the new additions. New packaging too.

Headhunters Fly Shop Just Add “Vise” Kits Live

These popular tying kits are built for the river tyer. For the tyer who wants to tie an individual fly.

Want to eliminate the confusion and buy just, just what you need? Ya, we do too.

Pick up a few when you are in the shop or you can buy them online here. Get a couple for yourself and one for your neighbor. He likes to tie too!

All the materials for said fly are included with hooks, beads if needed, thread, ribbing, body material, dubbing, hackles…the entire ball of wax as they say!

New Just Add “Vise” kits @ Headhunters Fly Shop

  • Tungsten Dart
  • Rusty Parachute
  • Buzzball
  • Little Green Machine
  • X-Caddis
  • Half Chicken
  • Pearl Lightening Bug
  • Crayfish
  • Unabomber
  • Zirdle Bug

With the return of the existing JAV Kits @ Headhunters Fly Shop

  • Wire Worm
  • Zebra Midge
  • Foxee Clouser
  • Rainbow Czech Nymph
  • Firebead Ray Charles
  • Pink Lightening Bug
  • Mozurri Minnow
  • Long Horn Beetle
  • Parachute Ant
  • Kreelex
  • Grape Slushy

What else do you need to know? Oh, the killer no nonsense video that accompanies each pattern. On the world wide web on Vimeo. They also live on our Headhuntersflyshop.com page in the Resources dropdown menu at the top right of this very screen! Check it out. Watch the videos and decide what to tie for your upcoming Missouri River trip.

Here is the video of the Zirdle Bug. Enjoy!


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