Just Add Vise Kits Return

Just Add Vise Kits Return

The highly popular Just Add Vise, JAV, kits have returned. For now 14 kits available in the store and most of these are available online.

One year ago they sold rapidly as we were trapped inside our homes for a few months. This year they are selling rapidly again not for the same reasons the JAV Kits disappeared in 2020, but for the reason they have always sold well…they are awesome.

Want to tie one or more of the patterns that fish well on the Mighty Mo? Get a JAV Kit.

Perfectly set up with the hooks, materials, thread, and beads if necessary to tie at least 24 of the specified pattern. Often times there is a bunch of material left over after you exhaust the hooks included, and all you need to do is find a few more hooks on your tying bench and spin even more up!

HH All-Star Steve assembled the kits that former long timer at the Headhunters fly buying helm and all things fly, 7wt., was the former curator of Headhunters Own JAV line. 7wt is now guiding full time on the Mo here and while not inside the shop any longer his spirit lives on. Book 7wt. for a guide trip if you want more inside info on flies that are super hot here on the Mo.

Check out our full line of Just Add Vise kits here online!

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