Just Add Vise Zebra Kit

Just Add Vise Zebra Kit

Just Add Vise Zebra Kit

Ninch wanted me to shout this out to our Headhunters followers. The Zebra Midge I said? It’s so simple and easy to tie. Why would we post this on our blog. While we love Trout Fishing 101 I thought that it was old news.

Ninch nodded then explained to me that while it is an easy fly to tie it is still an important daily, weekly, staple pattern that we all should have in our box. Not only the simple traditional black Zebra but other flavors as well.

Ninch said that this kit while coming with the standard 25 hooks that all JAV kits include it has the addition of 4 thread colors. Black, red, olive, and purple. Find yourself a few boxes of size 20 hooks and spin ’em up.

Ninch also said that if you tie up all the thread in this kit the per fly cost falls below the 50 cent mark. Well below.

Ninch then said that if you switch up wire colors you can now create literally dozens of patterns. Add mylar, tinsel, or any number of different synthetics to the game and the possibilities are endless for midge creation.

So I said to Ninch, “Why don’t you write a blog about it?” He shook his head, paused, then nodded towards me. In Ninch silent speak that clearly meant that I would be writing the blog.

Ninch wins again.

Buy the Zebra Midge Just Add Vise kit below or here on the on-line store.

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