Juvie Jigger Streamer Strikes!

Juvie Jigger Streamer

At the end of April, Headhunters hosted a Spring Streamer Fly Tying Contest on our Facebook page.

We received a ton of awesome entries. Choosing a winner was tough. Each shop staffer and several guides selected their favorite three streamers. Eric Stollar’s Juvie Jigger streamer was selected by the greatest number of people and chosen as the winner.

Juvie Jigger In Action

In early May, Eric was in Craig and visited our shop. He had just been out fishing his pattern and he wanted to let us know that it does work as a spring streamer! The rainbow below crushed the Juvie Jigger.

Spring Streamer Patterns

So far, streamer fishing this spring has been fairly good. Definitely better some days than others.

The Juvie Jigger has several features that we like in our spring streamers. It is fairly big. When the water is big, don’t be afraid to fish bigger streamers.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the current trend towards giant articulated patterns, but I do fish the Dali Lama a lot in the spring. Like the Dali Lama, the Juvie Jigger has a piece of loose rabbit fur attached at the head that moves great in the water.

Olive and white is a great color combo. The incorporation of white materials helps the angler see the streamer in the water. Headhunters stocks Kelly Galloup’s Barely Legal streamer in the olive/white color scheme. The Barely Legal is another popular spring streamer pattern.

Well done Eric! Not only is your streamer good looking, but it catches fish too. Keep it up and hopefully we will see you again soon.

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  • Thanks Braden for posting the story. Will Eric do a short video to show us how he ties the Juvie Jigger?

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