Kreelex Just Add Vise Video

Kreelex Just Add Vise Video

Some fellers use this fly exclusively. Meaning just this fly pattern. Only. All the time.


It is fishing well this fall already. The Skiddish Smolt as well. And we have been liking gold over silver, so far this fall.

I tied it on several winters ago, and never changed it.  Re-tied it several times through that winter. But never lost it. And never changed it.

Many use it all year long.

You do with what you want with it. Got it?

Tie it up. The original colors seem to work the best. Nothing wrong with this fly.

Buy it. Tie it. Fish it.

If you don’t tie…buy a bundle in the shop. John has got the bins full of killer streamer patterns. Honest. Swing season has started and we have all you need there too. We are the trusted Trout Spey source. Along with the Best Flies Under the Big Sky!

Kreelex Just Add Vise Video, Streamer Pattern
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