Last Day of February. Hooray!

Last Day of February. Hooray!

Last Day of February. Hooray!

Looking in the rear view mirror at that awful month.

The shortest month of the year and I for one am thankful.

We had record cold along with uncommon totals on the snow side. Average daily temps are below Zero. That is cold even for us here in central Montana.

While the winter is not over we should be thinking about the spring fishing show upcoming. Things that I have not done outweigh the spring things I have done.

  1. Fly organize. Box shuffle. Cut off tippet from crappy flies. This will take a week to 10 days. An awful process. Wives love it when you cover up the kitchen table for this period of time.
  2. Clean fly lines. Change fly lines. I’m gonna change all fo the nymph lines. I need to change the streamer lines as well. Those are a couple years old. At 20-30 days I change fly lines. Clean them daily, change them often. Is it time to get a few fly lines on your reels? A better time to check is now, not on the river. Will save you some frustration.
  3. Dump all that shit out of your tackle box. Hopefully in the garbage. I got some that has to go. I think I may be doing a Boat Box change as well. It is time. Had the pries one for about 7 years. 1000+ days on the water, it is time.
  4. Reduce the amount of crap inside the boat. Always trying to trim the fat in this arena. Too much crap. It is a personal problem. I’m trying to deal with it!?!?!
  5. Check safety equipment. Throw bag, lifejackets, emergency blankets, first aid kit, eye irrigant, gloves, hand warmers, eye protection, hats. Safety gear is paramount for a professional fishing operation.
  6. Order and/or tie up some flies. Dry flies. Buzzball’s for me. Lots. More.
  7. Get back out casting in the yard. When the waist deep snow melts from the back yard. Really too cold fo the fly line to act properly in the current deep freeze. Practice makes perfect.
  8. I already put new tires on the boat trailer. Replaced the winch too. I had worn out the other one. Scrub the boat out again. Most of the dirt is out of it from 2018.
  9. Make sure the YETI is empty. I know many fishing guides and industry fellers that have forgotten to get out that last Diet Coke and Deviled Eggs container. A bad idea. Certainly in the world of $500 coolers! Spoke with a friend the other day who had not emptied out his jet boat. Said the gas tank was floating, frozen in the ice, above the deck, below the gunwales. Said he just “walked away?!!?” I don’t have ay¬†disasters like that this year.
  10. Plan your annual guide trip to the Missouri River. Call today and check that one off the list! 406-235-3447.
  11. Looks like only a couple spots open, or maybe one, for the Dry Fly School in July. Call today!
  12. $400 Spring Special Guide Trips March 15th-April 30th. Discounted lodging too!
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