Last week, this week, next week.

Took the week off from writing. Last week. This week back. A good mental break. Fished the Dearborn twice, and the Mo twice. Variable. Unstable. Hit and miss. Those are all words used to describe the past week of fishing. And other words as well.

The Missouri River came up a bit. Off color off and on as the rains came back this past week and doused the region with add’l rain and in the high mountains late season snow. Rogers Pass, the Continental Divide, experienced a snow event we are still feeling.

Tributaries all with some color, an increase in flows, and debris coming throng the system. Logs,  brush, and suspended matter exited the feeders staining the waters for a period.

That is over. For the time being. We are reminded that Mother Nature has the cards and plays them as she wishes.

Dearborn at 500 cfs and holding. Little Prickley Pear about 200 cfs. Sheep Creek, Stickney Creek, Wagner Creek, Prewitt Creek, all running at spring levels. Cleaner than last week.

Bugs include caddis and BWO. Midges omnipresent. PMD on the docket for bugs ahead of us. The BWO will disappear as the summer mayflies and caddis develop. June is a great month of dry fly fishing. A great month for nymphing as well. The quality fishing reflected by the volume of traffic the month ahead.

The fishing has been tumultuous. We are graced by a terrific fishery with stable results. Even off days here are pretty good compared to other very good Montana resources. And, remember, that fishing does not always equate to fish in  the net. Nope. They are wild creatures.

Missouri River below Holter Dam flows are currently 5970 cfs. 500 cfs below historic averages. Toston inflows are 7000 cfs. 2500 cfs below historic averages. We don’t anticipate any higher flows this month. Unless it rains. And, June is our wettest month. We’ll let you know after it happens.

Evenings are best for the dry fly gang. Calming and equalizing of the wind(s). Traffic subsides. Peace is obtained again. On the sounds of sipping trout. Once wrote a poem, Sonnet of the Sipping Trout. Early 90’s.

Caddis below the Dearborn confluence all the way down hill. Some random mayfly action as well. Localized.

Memorial Day today. We remember all the who have died in the act of serving this nation. Thanks you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. We remember today and every day.

June is jammed. July too. The last portion of July has some availability. Call Julie for any guide or lodging needs! 406-235-3447 ext. 1



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  • Robert Garnier
    May 27, 2024 8:42 am

    Headhunters: Excellent and honest fishing report as always…appreciate them.

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