Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Water temps falling while the air temps are holding for the week. Or sort of falling.

The river is pretty quiet. A few guide trips out this week. Remember that we have Trout Spey Trips for a mere $400 running through the end of December. Book one day for your fishing friends.


Nymphing has been pretty good. The regular winter fare is in full effect. PINK Lightening Bugs, Ninch’s Bubble Yums, Rainbow Czech’s, Zebra’s, Pink Two Bit Hooker, Firebead Rays in Pink and close to pink flavors, Amex, Ninch’s Thunder Bug, Worms…all in conjunction with a split shot.

Find those deep inside bends with a. bit of pace. The water temps are still above 40F so you do not need to spend all day long in that totally boring slack ass water. Yet. And when you do find a couple continue casting in that area. There could be more?

Trout Spey

Swingers are out there getting it done. This is the time of year that the swung fly, trout spey anglers, can put more in the net than the nymphers. Yes indeed. Truth. When I was out there guiding on Sunday I was the only one without a two handed rod in the boat. The remainder of the boats, 4 or 5, were stripping between runs, and then wade fishing and swinging flies. es, the trout spey season is upon us and in full swing!

Flashy streamers seem to be the big hit this last week or better. Kreelex, Skiddish Smolts, Dirty Hippie, Shock and Awe, Complex Twist Bugger, the hyper popular Thin Mint, and more. You gotta come by and see the substantial selection of streamers at Headhunters of Craig. By far the largest in the canyon along with the only fly shop in the region focussed on Trout Spey.

Dry Fly Bite

Dry fly anglers will have to wait until the midge show in the early spring late winter period. There are a few hold out BWO’s drifting by in the afternoons. There are occasional fish looking up. We like the Cluster Midge deal with a. Zebra dangling from the ass end of the dry fly. Short too.

Water and Weather

Water temps will hold for the week. We are in the best swung fly water temp time. The fish are aggressively attacking the fly. Streamer anglers are out there too stripping slower than they were in the mid summer but still keeping the fly moving with some pace. Not the mid winter just enough tension to feel the fly action. That time will come, but not until January.

For the time being being we will enjoy the solace of the river along with the energetic trout that so love the swung fly here fishing Montana’s Missouri River.

Headhunters Fly Shop Winter Hours

Open daily 8-6. Full staff on board to book any lodging or guide trips for 2019. That is happening right now. If you have a guide in mind or a property that you gotta have for the upcoming summer fishing trip you ought to get on it right now. Missing the boat is not a good thing man.

Shuttles, guide trips and winter lodging for that winter get-a-way that many of you enjoy, sale items for Christmas, GIFT CARDS, and free coffee when you are passing through.

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