Late October Missouri River Fishing Report

Late October Missouri River Fishing Report

All good here on the Mo. Snow this week. Seasonal weather will bring those fish back to the surface.

We just finished with some wind and sun. Typical October weather. November is on the horizon. Along with the 11th month we have snow and cooler air temps.

Check out the weather ahead. It looks good!

Late October Missouri River Fishing Report

Nymphing is off the charts still. The overcast coming up will not only help that discipline but will add to the comfort level of the trout. That comfort will get those fish to stay in the skinny water throughout the day. And if they stay on those flats we can get them on a streamer in shallow water. And if they stay there for much longer the dry fly opportunities are pretty good.

Cripples seem to be the trick not hose dry fly fish. Some of the spots that get cast to daily the fish are not all that happy. If you find those singles they can be caught. If you travel in the areas that not many anglers are congregating in you can find success too. The road less traveled is a thing man.

Emergers are on the rise too. Soft hackles and CDC mayfly emerges can be the trick. Well stocked at Headhunters of Craig. Lots of BWO patterns. The dry fly specialists here fishing Montana’s Missouri River is Headhunters of Craig.

The streamer bite has been inconsistent. With the advent of the November weather we will see this change. We hope so. Thin Mints, small black leeches, Kreelex, Skiddish Smolts and the like are getting it done when the fish are in the mood.

The swingers are getting it done. Lots and lots of them in and out of the shop. Come by and get tuned in on the latest Trout Spey lines, tips, and techniques. Flies for the swinger too. The only fly shop with the gear for the two handed trout angler in the canyon.

October is in the rear view mirror, almost. Lots of great fishing ahead in November. Far fewer anglers on the water and room for lodging too. Stay in Craig, eat at Joe’s, and meet your Headhunters guide at the shop in the am. We got yer back. Call today for info about this fantastic month ahead of us. We are excited about November!

We will see you tonight at the Great Falls Smith River Scoping Meeting Tonight @ Great Falls Civic Center, 2 Park Drive South, Great Falls, Montana, on Monday, October 30th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Check out this article and blog for more info!




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  • Cliff Nagatani
    October 30, 2017 9:31 am

    Eat at Joes?? NO! Did that in 89, no more frozen pizzas lol!!

  • Is Annie’s open yet?

  • One benefit of being an old geezer is that I’ve had the experience of attending EIS scoping meetings since their inception, meet (and fish with) DEQ people who sat on the panels at scoping meetings, and I even have enjoyed the friendship of and fished with a judge who had the opportunity to rule on two projects that ended in litigation. So I’d like to offer some pointers to you anglers who plan to attend the Smith River meetings tonight and in the next week or two. And, initially, with Montana being Montana, it’s unfortunate that the mine proposal is located in a depressed economic area and employment opportunities in well-paying jobs will become as big a focal point as environmental concerns, so emotions will run high. Also, as I’ve watched the political climate both statewide and nationally go completely off the rails and turn ugly, I assume these meetings will too at some point. I hope the following suggestions will be of help to the conservationist side of the issue. My side.
    First, remember that the members of the panel in front are seeking public opinion and concerns to use in forming an environmental statement to present to the administration of the DEQ- the people actually making the final recommendations for permits. And that panel is comprised of people with degrees in environmental science not political science. As my retired DEQ friend told me, he never met a student of environmental science whose future goal was to enable the rape and pillage of America. So don’t insult them give them facts and opinions they can use in their report and refrain from negativity. Act informed.
    Second, remember that, as with most issues of this importance, the final decision to allow or disallow the mine, either way, will be litigated in court. As my judge friend related to me – the relevant testimony of the most obscure citizen and the most visible official must carry equal weight in the eyes of a court entrusted with a legal decision. So keep the panel on your side by presenting strong informed opinions.
    Sorry (as always) that this comment is so long. Hope it’s of use. Go protect the Smith, Mark and John. My grandkids will appreciate you as I do. Thanks

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