October November Planner

Late October November Missouri River Fishing Planner

Late October November Missouri River Fishing Planner

Good times here on the Mo. Calm today. Overcast. Moist. Cool. And yes, calm.

That is the type of weather we yearn for here on the Mo in the fall session. So many good things come from the proper water temperature, right now a perfect 53F with flows holding at 3280cfs.

The week ahead brings us a more seasonable weather. But we can certainly see weeks in the future that include daily highs in the 50’s and overcast skies.

BWO’s: Coming. The true beats fly is on the menu. Not yet. Maybe yesterday some were seen. Today? Probably. Will let you know when the lid comes off the fall favorite the BWO. Historically stays about a month. But the past several years, or decade, the fall olive showing has been pretty weak. If not at all some years. So we are holding our breath.

And if it comes, we have some strong dry fly sessions to come. Some years through Thanksgiving. Let’s hope this is one of those years.

October Caddis. Some days, a few fish will eat it. Mostly if you can create some excitement with a great skitter. A great skitter.

Izaak’s Open through the end of October. Joe’s Bar open mostly daily, variable hours. Shotgun Annies open into November, breakfast weekends. Trout Shop Cafe and Deli closed. Cascade has a the Driftwood and the Angus that both serve until 9. Don’t be late in the fall though unless you just want to drink your dinner at any local eatery.

The river is pretty quiet in late October and November. Most days you will see a couple guides at the end of season pulling streamers in the afternoons.

A few dry fly fellers out there staring at fly boxes knee deep in the Missouri River killer flats. Remember that any great parachute baetis pattern that you love will work. Also Harrop spinners. DOA Poly Wing Cripples, CDC Cripples, and your favorite emerger.

Nymphers running the short leash with high rate of success. Tiny BWO mayfly imitations hung below a Czech Nymph or favoritisms scud or sow bug. Purple still on fire too.

The 2 handed trout contingent lives for the next couple months. Strong swing bite along with the solitude makes us smile amongst the snow.

River Lodging wide open. Guide trips available for either 2 handers or single handers.

Lots of great time left on the Mo in 2020. Give us a shout @ 406-235-3447 to chat about fishing, dry flies, and swinging!

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  • Needs & wants… I need to be aloud to drive over the border – I want to Trout Spey in the Beauty MO River and buy flies and stickers & hats at HH !

    Cheers to all, stay safe
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