Leonard Flies

Leonard’s Awesome Flies

Leonard’s Awesome Flies

Not my first cup of Leonard’s Awesome Flies. Hopefully not my last either.

Long time Headhunters friend Leonard ties some real nice patterns. Always thinking and tying creative Missouri River flies. He ties flies for a couple other resources he and fishing pal Rick frequent. Rick ties some nice ones too!

I always like to open the cup with guests and tie on a one off Len fly. They usually work. Then it comes off, and that is that. The guest asks if I have another one of those flies, and I say no. Why not the guest asks. Well, I just had the one I got from my friend Len.

If you have just one fly, any fly of a specific pattern, you know that it’ll get ‘er done.

We’ll just have to savor the taste that one left with us. I had one. And it served its purpose. Caught a couple. Then, poof, into the superfly unknown.

Tuesday today and the water is coming up again. The DNRC has 9K scheduled this morning at 9am. Higher still. Mid 8’s as I write this blog this morning. Rain today too.

I’m headed out swinging with a couple guests from Seattle. A big group from The Avid Angler. Ryan Smith has put this trip together for many years and we appreciate it. Make sure to stop into the Avid Angler when in Seattle, Lake Forest Park, or surrounding area. Nice shop, great people, just awesome.

I’m gonna be tying on all three of those trout spey flies today on the river. Also, using a heavy T-8 or diving into the Y-11 world for the uptick in flows. I’m a gamer and my two guests are not afraid either.

Most are nymphing out there with some success. Tough sledding some days. The key is to keep moving. If you do not find them in a run, area, bucket…you gotta keep moving til you bump into a couple friendly’s!

Enjoy your Tuesday out there in America. Plan your summer or fall trip to the Mo today. It’s good for your constitution.



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  • As Leonard’s brother, I’ve spent most of my fishing career begging for those flies. Like you say, you use ‘em, they work great and then they’re gone. Sometimes you can trade for more – whisky seems to work.

  • Thanks Mark for recognizing Leonard’s cup of flies. Len has been my tying Muse since Jimmy Carter was living in the White House. Many fly shop owners have taken early retirement due to Len’s patronage and material purchases. Len leads with his flies, but he is a master of all aspects of our sport.

  • Getting one of Leonard’s flies is the easy part (see whiskey comment above). Fishing them like he does? That has proved to be more of a challenge…

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