March 15th Missouri River Fishing Report

March 15th Missouri River Fishing Report

Dry Fly Fishing kinda as good as it gets for late winter early spring midge action.

Sunday the best I’ve seen personally in a number of year. For the dry. For the midge bite. For the calm overcast cast dry fly parade on Sunday.

Monday windier. Good dry fly bite got rolling about 4 as the wind abated somewhat. Tougher to catch on the dry, but the soft hackle wandering around the upper 4″ of the water column was getting plenty of attention.

Should stay strong as the weeks progress. We think? As good a consistent March midge hatch I this author has tween in a number of winters. Like 10.

Nymphing quite good and lots and lots of nymph rods bent the past two weeks. Pink, sow, deep, repeat.

Swing bite very good. You can find ’em out there. Be diligent. Stay true. Swing well. It’ll happen. Find the depth and attack.

Strippers? They are getting a few. Ebb and flow with the  bugger action as we begin to see some changes in insect activity. It’s not just sows and scuds anymore. Midge, mayfly, action subsurface as we move ver closer to spring.

Guides out daily from here on out. Rental boats available as well. Rental properties opening for the spring session. Isaaks’ opening March 24th next Thursday. Hooray!

New flies, products walking in the door as this month marches by. Stop in a say hello. Pick up your new fishing license too.

Water temps 35.5F. Flows 2930cfs.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 8am. Come check out the new Skwala line available at HH of Craig.

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