March 1st, more snow, weekend update

March 1st, more snow, weekend update

March 1st, more snow, weekend update

5 weeks of reasonably cold weather here in Craig along with February snow has kept us on our toes this past month.

Actually it has kept us in wool socks and knee high boots. Stuffed full of hand and boot warmers!

Tomorrow Saturday we are sort of open. Including Sunday the 3rd. Yes, we will be open during the heat of the day. But no longer. The high winds in conjunction with the snow the past couple days has made travel to and from the shop  a wee bit dangerous. Lots of cars int he median, on their tops, jack-knifed tractor trailers on fire, and the like. So, for safety’s sake we have been careful when traveling. The trout can wait…and you? You can wait a bit for a return call.

You an always catch Julie on her cell @ 406-868-5473 if you cannot reach us at the shop during business hours. We will gladly get you booked into your summer lodging or get you acquainted with your favorite Missouri River fishing guide.

Shop may be closed per the conversation above this weekend. No shuttles. No boat ramps are accessible. No businesses are open beyond Joe’s and Headhunters. Wait for the spring thaw. Then you will see some lonely anglers hitchhiking to the river.

We have finished up our annual hiring for summer 2019. Thanks to all who applied. Those of you who we hired we cannot wait to see you shortly and kick off the 2019 fly fishing season. Those of you who we did not this time around, we love you! We hope you find happiness in your pursuit of fly fishing bliss. I believe that the local businesses like Izaak’s is looking for line cooks, wait staff, and bartenders. The Trout Shop may be still looking as well as Crosscurrents. You might want to look up WCA up-stream of us too. All of the seasonal businesses are looking for help! For those of you who submitted a crappy Resume? Well, next time do some research before you send it. We got lots of real crappy representations. Real crappy. Remember, while it is a fishing job, some of us like to roll professionally. Un-professional resumes do not rise to the top like sipping trout. Nope,  just not gonna happen.

No more snow in the latest forecast. Looks like we get some respite for a few days. Then more snow. The cold will not leave us in the near future though. Highs Saturday below zero. Sunday more of the same. A few temps this next week moving towards the 32F notch. That would be OK too.

Been shoveling snow from the shop roof trying to keep dry below. I have found that nobody likes standing on the roof, the way too slick roof, and shovel snow from it. I for one do not like it anymore. Not quite as fun and tossing a dry fly at sipping trout.

Phone is ringing for reservations on our annual Spring Special with Guide Trips at the $400 mark. Discounted lodging on the docket as well. Check out our lodging page for all things Missouri River. We have not pulled a boat around Craig while drinking before noon in the last 5 years…hmmm. Maybe that will knock us out of the deep freeze? As John and I overheard at Joe’s Bar one late night a hundred years ago…

Something stupid has got to happen here!

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