March 5th Missouri River Seasonal Status Update

March 5th Missouri River Seasonal Status Update

March 5th Missouri River Seasonal Status Update

The water is high. The ice is too. Super High!

Drove down the river today and it is higher than these photos tell. Flooding on some riverfront properties in the lower canyon. That little yellow boathouse you have seen in high water images above the big log house above Mountain Palace is gone. Ripped off its hinges and taken downstream. I think.

Also saw 3 eagles feasting on frozen drowned deer in the space of a mile. One of them was working on a leg protruding from the ice shrapnel.

Don’t know what is gonna happen when it lets loose. I don’t think our situation is considered an ice dam. But I do know it is trouble for the riverfront residents. Potential for more flooding is real.

I do know we have lots of ice. Spoke with the sheriff on the roadside and he stated he was getting calls for ice problems on riverside properties. He mentioned to me that “He couldn’t do anything. Other than smile, and nod.” 

Getting the DNRC Water Projection tomorrow and will report further.

High water this year ahead? Nope. But average. Average is perfect. That is what we all wish for. Mother Nature still has a couple more cards up her sleeve.

Wonder what they are?

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dan from ohio
March 6, 2019 7:18 am

Incredible photos…Mother Mo dressed in ice, Beautiful…