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Mike McCune – Troutspey Retrieve Methods

Mike McCune does an excellent job of covering the primary methods we use to add action to the fly when swinging for trout with our two-handers. You also get to watch some excellent, relaxed, compact, troutspey casting. Watch enough and you might get pretty good.

This may be one of the most oft asked questions we get at the shop. “We understand the cast, but how do we fish the fly?” As Mike says in the video, imparting some action to your fly usually makes a big difference when fishing for trout. If you try to use a dead “Steelhead Swing”, more often than not you’ll have fewer fish come to the fly.

The first “jigging” motion is the main retrieve the Headhunters crew uses on the Missouri River. You can do this with your running line under your rod index finger, or do it independently like Mike. When using mono running line you will want to make a half wrap around your fingers so it doesn’t slip when a fish takes.

We also use his upstream “Madison” retrieve is certain situations, but as Mike states, we use them all and they all work.

Watch the video below.

Here endeth the lesson.

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  • He makes it look so smooth and effortless. Makes me want to use a “sick” day tomorrow.

  • Not many folks still use the hand-twist. One of the first things I learned. Love seeing that high rod tip on the straight SH swing!

  • Dang. Mike took me fishing during the now legendary spey camp weekend, what a great afternoon! Talking baseball, talking casting, freezing our asses off. See ya’ll Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Enjoyed our day on the river. The book we talked about – The Overstory by Richard Powers.

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