Meet Derek and Jared!

Meet Derek and Jared!

Derek and Jared are two new members of the Headhunters Team for the 2017 season. We previously introduced Patrick and Nick. You will meet all four of these guys in the shop this season. They are all good dudes. Stop in and say hello! Until then, they have each penned short introductions for themselves.

Derek Herrin

Derek Herrin

My name is Derek Herrin and I am one of the new additions to the Headhunters team in the amazing town of Craig, MT. I was born and raised 40 miles south in Helena, MT and live there still. During the past few years, I’ve moved around a bit, but always end up back in the Last Best Place, Montana.

I have been fly fishing all my life with my dad. He taught me everything I know about pursuing trout on the fly. I didn’t really get into going out on my own until I went to college at UMW in Dillon, MT. Ever since then it has been my passion and will continue to be.

I enjoy all types of fly fishing whether it be nymphs, streamers, or dry flies. However, dry flies are my favorite way to fish. There’s nothing like watching a trout sip your fly with little to no chaos created on the surface.

I am excited to be part of the team here in Craig. I’m looking forward to meeting tons of new people with the same passion for fly fishing and learning all I can from other fishermen/fisherwomen and the rest of the team here at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Jared Eckhardt

Jared Eckhardt

I grew up a couple hours up the interstate in the small Hi-Line town of Shelby. I’m fortunate enough to have multiple relatives that ranch on the Rocky Mountain Front. I took advantage of these surroundings every chance I could. Recreating and working the land in such a fantastic setting has helped develop the deep roots and love I have for this state.

Out of high school I had a brief stint at the University of Montana. After I was formally uninvited from school I returned to Teton County. I spent the majority of my days skiing/snowboarding. Once sliding on snow was no longer a possibility, I spent my time packing people into the Bob Marshall Wilderness for Dropstone Outfitting, and helping out on the family ranch.

I got the opportunity to get to know John and the rest of the Arnold family at Teton Pass Ski Resort. Due to that connection I was fortunate enough to land myself a job on the Missouri River. I’m over the moon about the opportunity to spend my summer becoming a better fisherman in one of the premier trout fishing destinations in the world.

The thing Im looking forward to most is the long tradition of the locals buying the new guy a beer. Budweiser will do. Thanks.

When you meet these guys in the shop or on the river, say hello!

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