Mid January Fishing Report from HH of Craig

Mid January Fishing Report from HH of Craig

Mid January Fishing Report from HH of Craig

First fishing report in about 3 weeks! Not because we didn’t want to write one or too lazy to inform you the reader. Nope.

Too freaking cold to fish. Too snowy to fish. Too much shelf ice. Too much slush in the river.

Too damn cold to fish.

Mid January Fishing Report from HH of Craig


Now, the water temps are damn cold at 34F, but the fish were looking for a opportunity to bite the sow bug the last few days. Toss in pink as well for a well rounded deep and cold nymphing outing.

The weather this past weekend was quite nice. The wind was present yesterday although Saturday welcomed the angler with open arms. Temps in the 50’s greeted us and the angler, the few, rejoiced.

The swing bite is good with leeches, deep, and pretty slow. The water temps dictate the type of water you wanna fish. The water is cold and target regions that fish hold in.

Dick Magill was hanging a few this past weekend along with non-local locals the Tabert Crew. Both reported a very good bite out there with fish pretty eager to participate. Tabert reported the nymph bite very good as well. While both parties fish here often, and placement is very important on this resource, it helps when the fish are active. Raises the catch rate for sure.

Come by and search out a few pink flies or roam through the sow section daily 8am and beyond. It is winter, and spring is coming so we remind you that new stock will be tackling in weekly as we move toward real spring. When is that? Variable. Sometimes in March, other times in June May.

Headhunters Guide Trips available as the weather warms too. Will be getting some trips out on these warmer days this month. Don’t even have to dig there snow out of the boat right now! Give us a call if you want to float in the new year. Rental boats available as well. Last minute this time of the season is OK. We have guides available and nightly lodging rentals.

Thanks Mark Tabert for sending the pic for today! Thanks Mark. Another Tabert on tap for tomorrow post. Thanks Taberts of the World!


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