Mid June Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report

Mid June Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report

Mid June Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report

Damn good. That is the short report. The longer report is below.

PMD’s daily. They can hatch at any time during the day. Spinner fall anytime during the day as well. Hot patterns for this hatch include any Harrop’s CDC Spinners, and Harrop’s Cripples, Half Dun Hatching, traditional Rusty Spinners, CDC emerges, and so forth. Just the normal stuff has been good.

The fish are still somewhat in the stupid range but that will not last too much longer. We love mid June as the fish have not learned about the dragging fly. Not all the way yet. But as I said this will not last forever.

First cast is always the best cast. Make your practice drifts outside of the lane. When you are ready approach the trout with care. Inch the fly over to the trout carefully. Sometimes the fish will move out of the feeding lane and whack your fly. That is good stuff.

Caddis waxing. More daily. Caddis on the end of the line are working well. More on the lower but moving up river. Downwinged patterns rule. You should come on in and check out the Translucent Pupa and Translucent Emerger patterns. They really can bring up some trout to your line.

Water temps are increasing. Or they will soon. The weather this week will keep things in check. There is a rumor, an actual email really, that the water level is falling to 4100 cfs. I think that will happen for sure. Then we will be there for the remainder of the summer.

Fish anywhere you want out there. From the dam to the tiny ‘burb of Cascade the river is fishing well.

Get out early or get out late and you will be rewarded. Those who fish the late shift are being greeted with rising trout. And caddis too. The Drakes will come soon on the lower river.

Good fishing here on the Missouri River all month long. We look forward to helping in any way we can. Headhunters open daily.

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