1st Day of Summer Daydream

1st Day of Summer Daydream

1st Day of Summer Daydream

It is all happening right now.

All of it.

Folks are super stoked.

Those anglers that would like us to let them know when it is shit hot. The time is now.

Good to great fishing. Honest.

Early mornings and late nights allow you to fish for nearly 18 hours. Crazy long.

The days will be getting shorter from here on out. Enjoy the lengthly angling hours while you can. Head out after work to your local stream or brook.

Montana anglers are spooning it in as fast as they can. Those long winter nights, cold days, and lots of not green hillsides to stare at.

Summer is the best month of the year here. Honest.

By the time we get into late July the entire countryside is slowly dying.

We can breathe easier for another month or so. Enjoy it while you can.

Summer is fleeting. Get out there and breathe it in.

Maybe even fish a little.


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