Mid Week Fishing Update from Headhunters of Craig

Mid Week Fishing Update from Headhunters of Craig

The chart above reflects the Dearborn fall. Today at 834. And probably rising. You may see the flows follow the sine wave path the next week or better. High daytime temps continue the run-off. The higher and above 45F night-time lows will continue the melting process all nite long.

So. So we will see the water come off. But the good news is the river is clearing below the confluence of the Dearborn. Anglers were down there yesterday and will continue to populate that region.

The upper river is crowded. But yesterday not as bad. Must have been turnover day.

Nymphing not all that consistent but reasonable catch rates this past week. Caddis pupa, PMD nymphs, some from action, midges too.

The dry flies are coming. Soon? We think so. Look at the water temps and you will get ore excited. An occasional caddis and PMD seen. We are on the cusp.

Pretty booked in June and July. Still some availability in late July. A couple Swiss cheese holes here and there. Call us first for lodging in Craig and beyond. The largest catalog and the most varying types of nightly rentals in the canyon. By a long shot.

Streamer gang still catching them. Good stuff. Come by for the Best Flies Under the Big Sky here at your Missouri River Pattern Reference Shop. We got the bugs!

Open daily 7am til 8pm. Shuttles, flies, info, guides, lodging, the best in HH Logo Gear, Sunscreen and sun hats and sun gloves and more!

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  • Good report. Come on PMDs! At least by next Wed (booked a guide)!!

  • What We Are Looking For

    Sitting on a bank my eyes scan the surface of a river, of every river …an act that has now become as natural and sustaining as an infant breathing air…

    I am searching, hoping, looking … to see a rise…that which gives hope that at all times there is beauty within these waters…within this life…

    A brief view of what may lie within and below the surface of that which is instinctively desired…

    Beauty we are told is not skin deep ….

    A rise, a momentary vestige of proof that beauty lies within this ever moving looking glass beside me… circumstantial evidence existing merely upon the surface of that which my eyes can not look away from…

    This river and all rivers, like time, constantly moves forward without seeking anyone’s consent or direction…

    Patience, humility and an understanding that time is not the only measure of commitment, are each required to access a more intimate view…

    A remarkable beauty that lies within and below an otherworldly alluring, moving and crystalline sheen of life, which protects the beauty that lies within from being seen by casual or uncaring eyes..

    I have learned over time to come humbly to each river, to not rush with expectations or demands to see the beauty that lies within …

    The act of slowing down, observing without doing, of seeing instead of merely looking, of quieting a mind otherwise filled with noise and chatter resulting from daily expectations and fears…

    For one to fall in love and not to simply love, for one to experience a lifelong taste of beauty instead of a mere momentary burn of emotion…what am I looking for?

    Am I here to merely see a rise, providing proof of beauty, or does lasting joy and fulfillment require an interaction with that which the rise marks?

    As I focus on the gliding surface of that which a rise may form, the ennormity of the surrounding mountains and boundary-less sky fade… not completely away but somehow pushed gently with respect to the periphery….

    To never have been fooled by the beauty of a rise.. while knowing the fears of looking honestly into a mirror …

    At all times there is beauty within these waters…whether I see a rise or not, what I have come for to see and experience is here…

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