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Mid Week Hit from HH of Craig

Mid Week Hit from HH of Craig

Hot and kinda stale these days on the Mo.

Fished from Craig to Mt. Palace and had weeds, periods of no weeds, lots of weeds, and some weeds. Kept the terrestrial on all day long and rolled a decent number of trout. Almost enough to keep everybody interested for the majority of the day.

On early and off early. On at 7am. Peaceful, quiet. Cool with the air temps in the lower 50’s. Soaking it in for the inevitable temperature trade-off later in the day. Off the water at 2pm. We’ll shoot for 1 tomorrow.

Tan and yellow and small hoppers treated us well enough. A couple nice trout. No record breakers. Truly fun.

Flows in the 4K range. Average water temps for the week approx. 67F. No word of Hoot Owl in our neighborhood.

It’s summer. It’s hot.



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