Mid Week Missouri River Business

Mid Week Missouri River Business

Cleaning up the week as it stands today with our Mid Week Missouri River Business Post.

Lots happening with the weather, the fishing, the spewing Rainbows, and the ebb and flow of the early season here on the Mighty Mo.

Mid Week Missouri River Business

  • Don’t fish directly to those spawning Rainbow Trout. Have seen some questionable adult fishing behavior the last couple weeks. I equate fishing repeatedly over redds to kicking a pregnant women in the stomach.
  • Water Temps rising with this warmer weather. 45F-46F
  • Want to spend the summer in trout fishing heaven? In Craig Montana? Izaak’s hiring a couple more summer staff. Call Chef John @ 406-235-3456 for a front of house or kitchen position. Competitive wages and housing included. Call today for a fantastic spring, summer, and fall on the Missouri River!
  • Pink, BWO’s Midges, some sightings of March Browns too. They may come early. Much to my surprise. Fishing guides still have a hard time predicting the future. Damn.
  • The high and bright sun has been a real bitch. Not may rising trout. Clouds may appear again on Friday. Still hot though with hi’s near 80F. A real scorcher.
  • Headhunters Fly Shop now open 7am til 8pm daily. Start and finish your day in Craig.
  • 10 days left of the Spring Special with $350 Guide Trips
  • Water Flows at 4050cfs. More water on the way.
  • Light traffic this mid week. Pretty nice out there.
  • Izaak’s open everyday but Monday 3pm til 9pm for dinner. check out all the new times including small pates and killer apps!
  • Joe’s Bar daily til 2am.
  • See you in friendly Craig this spring!




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  • Back in the seventies, just after grizzly protection was enacted, I attended the retirement party for a family friend- a lifelong fwp employee. He was proud of the grizzly laws. I asked him if there were other regulations he would like to see come to pass. His answer : it’ll never be a reality. You will never see a law that adequately protects the outdoor sportsmen from themselves. That was the seventies.
    Redds offer high yields and trophy fish. Biggest. Most. The American reality. If the majority practices preservation, it won’t matter what I do.
    Your comments on preservation are appreciated. Don’t think redds- dredgers are frequenters of this blog. Sad, huh?

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